Small Group Class Schedule

Spring 2019


New Class Schedule will begin Monday 4/1/19



 8am - 9am Gentle Yoga (Sally)


5:30pm   Unconventional Training **Intermediate**



8am  TRX (Suspension) & Total Body Circuit (Sally M.)


5pm - 8pm   Open Gym**


5pm  L.I.F.T. Fundamentals

5:45pm  Kettlebells & Suspension (TRX) Training

6:30pm   Steel Mace (Fundamentals & Flow) 

7:15pm Intro to Unconventional Training


5:30pm-7:00pm Unconventional Training **Intermediate**


                                                 8am  TRX (Suspension) & Total Body Circuit (Sally)


5pm - 8pm   Open Gym**


5pm  L.I.F.T. Fundamentals

5:45pm  Steel Mace (Fundamentals & Flow) 

6:30pm   Kettlebells & Suspension (TRX) Training

7:15pm  Intro to Unconventional Training  


8am   TRX (Suspension) & Total Body Circuit (Sally M.)


10am   Unconventional Training Intermediate** (Mike and/or Ryan)

10:45-11:30   L.I.F.T. Fundamentals

11:30-12:15 Intro to Unconventional Training


12:30pm   FREE TO EVERYONE! (see below)

*This class is offered on select Saturdays. Follow us on Facebook for updates or sign up for our email newsletter.


**Open Gym times & Intermediate classes:

In order to participate in any “intermediate” classes or use the facility during “Open Gym” hours, each member must have completed a minimum of 3 months Small Group or Private training. If you have previous experience in “Unconventional” training, you may bypass the 3 month requirement by completing a physical exam. The physical exam will challenge you physically & mentally, but more so allow you to demonstrate an understanding of proper mechanics & flow progressions using various tools.

Some classes are subject to change based on specific dates throughout the month. Outside of the gym, Coach Ryan works as a part-time Firefighter. In addition to his scheduled shifts, Ryan also teaches fitness workshops at various gyms & departments throughout the Chicagoland area. All members receive updates in advance for any cancellations or changes to the class schedule. 


PLEASE NOTE: If you are not yet a member and wish to try a free class, you must schedule an appointment to meet BEFORE participating in any class/program. To schedule your appointment please complete the form below.

All members must register for classes through the L.I.F.T. Academy mobile app. Registration can be made 1 week in advance up to 1 hour before the start of class. Limit 10 people per class. 


For more information regarding our Small Group Class Schedule please contact us at