Have you tried dieting?

How about multiple diets?

If you answered “yes” to the first question, you probably answered yes to both. Diets do not make sense as a means to getting healthy. They’re temporary and good health should never be temporary.

The hardest part about getting healthy is understanding that “healthy” is not a state; it’s a lifestyle. Lasting positive physical changes only come with the realization that what we put into our bodies on a daily basis is every bit as important as being active. After all, food is what fuels lifestyle.

The Onnit Philosophy of Proper Nutrition & Supplementation

Evolution has one overriding result: biological machines develop to thrive optimally in the environment in which they live. We humans are the result of slow and steady adaptation, just like Darwin’s famous finches. Understanding this basic premise, the conclusion follows that the best sources of nutrition would also come from the natural environment, as we have evolved to best utilize available food sources. Put in another way, humans thrive when eating and drinking Earth Grown Nutrients. This is the unifying theme of the Onnit nutritional protocol, reinforced and battle tested by nutritionist Mike Dolcecurrently the top trainer in the highly competitive sport of mixed martial arts. Under this broad banner, there are a few other tenants of the Onnit nutritional philosophy.


The Bulletproof Diet

This research-based diet is designed to reduce toxic health-sapping foods, and replace them with Bulletproof foods that fuel your body, feed your brain, keep you satisfied, and optimize your performance. 

This diet is easy to follow and allows for experimentation and variation. No calorie counting, no measuring. The foods are arranged in a spectrum so you can choose how bulletproof you want to become. The more you eat on the green side of the spectrum, the more you feel your brain, body, and hormones re-awaken as you effortlessly lose fat, enhance cognitive function, and help prevent disease.