An amazing studio, with a very intelligent owner/trainer. Ryan LeBreux is on top of ALL training methods; conventional and unconventional. A clean and fresh environment, with top notch equipment where you can start comfortably as a novice or broaden your horizons as an experienced gym rat! I wouldn’t go anywhere else but L.I.F.T. Academy, and that’s real ... quote me!
— Bradley M.
I will turn 70 in about three weeks. I’ve been working out with Ryan twice weekly for the last year and a half. Thanks to the knowledge he shares, his encouragement toward progress, and the way he challenges me, I can honestly say, I’ve never felt stronger or healthier in my life. It feels great!
I highly recommend him to anyone, both for personal training and for his classes.
— Arthur M.
Ryan is great man, that has skills to help any person that wants to be transformed . Great studio and L.I.F.T. Academy is where it’s at, if you didn’t know, then you need to ask somebody!
— Darrick Bynum
If anyone is looking for a personal trainer, I cannot say enough good things about Ryan at L.I.F.T Academy in Bloomingdale. I have learned so much from him. He is also helping my mom (who was not very active) start taking better care of her health. Today he took the time to go to Home Depot with her so he can make her things so she can do her workout at home. Talk about someone who cares! So if your looking to shape up, take a class, or just want to learn new things to add to your routine, hit this guy up!
— Connie H.
I have trained with Ryan on and off for over ten years. I have met many trainers over the years and I will say that Ryan is one of the most knowledgeable in the business. He certainly pushes me to get more out of my workouts but never to the point of injury. The studio is clean and professional with more equipment than I would ever hope to use. With Ryan’s help, I am stronger, healthier and feel better fitting into my clothes. And my spouse loves the results too!
— Gary B.
I just started going to L.I.F.T. Academy at the urging of a few coworkers, so far I’m loving it! Ryan is very professional and really takes the time to find out what your goals are. His passion for nutrition, health and improving your overall quality of life has already inspired me to make better choices! I love that I am pushed harder in workouts than I normally would on my own, but I never feel defeated or intimidated like I do at a large gym.
— Kara T.
My husband has been working out with Ryan for a while, and I just started going along. I love how Ryan changes up the workouts so I’m not bored and feel great after we are done. I can recommend him to people of all fitness levels.
— Liz A.
Great studio and great location! Also Ryan brings training to the next level with his unique unconventional training! Been a client for years and would recommend to all!
— Mike M.
I would like to say that Ryan the Owner/Trainer at L.I.F.T. Academy is a true professional and great at his job. He is very educated and experienced at his job which, makes him very insightful on how to tailor a workout regimen per the individual. He also makes sure that he provides you with the tools and equipment that is needed. Not to mention he is always willing to try to work his schedule in accordance with your schedule. I highly recommend Ryan and L.I.F.T. Academy to workout at and/or to have a regimen tailored to garnish your highest fitness goals.
— Jessie N.
I’ve been going to L.I.F.T. Academy for a few weeks now. Ryan does a great job of showing you ways to work out that you wouldn’t even think of normally doing in a regular gym. Every time I go in there the routine is changed up so you don’t get bored of doing the same workout. Each time I leave there I feel like I’ve learned something new for myself and the exercises are way better then your typical routine you may do a gym. Ryan’s thought process that he brings to the table provides a lot of insight from eating right each day to understanding how each exercise works. Ryan is willing to work to with what your looking for. He isn’t going to push a certain style if its not it doesn’t fit your goals. He will work with you to make sure that he is providing you the workout your looking for.
— Bill B.
L.I.F.T. Academy is great!! Whether your looking to lose weight or meet your fitness goals, this is the place to go. It’s a judge free zone and there are people of all fitness levels who go there. I personally lost 15 pounds and have Ryan to thank! He is a great trainer, he helped me not only lose weight, but also understand the exercises and teach me how to workout on my own. I have done personal training and attend group classes. I Highly recommend to anyone!
— Vanessa R.
“I worked out with Ryan by my side 3 years ago to loose my baby weight and he got me to my goal plus some! He was very hands on in explaining each exercise and what it did to help. I highly recommend anyone looking for a trainer to go here and have Ryan help! He is very good with customer service and working around my very busy schedule. Thanks Ryan for helping me get back to how I used to be. Now I’m healthy going into my second pregnancy and will b looking forward to work with him again after baby! Thanks so much, you’re the greatest!”
— Jennifer S.
I’ve seen him transform people’s lives and bodies into great shape. Keep up the good work!
— Denise L.